Thrive at 55:
Fit for Life Program

This program starts January 9, 2022 and is NOW OPEN for registration with only 20 spots available! Get your spot before they're all gone!


You Can Get Lean, Get Healthy, &
Kick Some Serious Butt in Your 50s and beyond!

It’s absolutely possible to feel your best at any age! Our program is for women and a few good men over 50 who want to build strength, get rid of stubborn pounds, and gain the vitality you deserve to get out there and enjoy all the adventures life has to offer!

If you are:

  • Tired of feeling older than you are;
  • Ready to get rid of the laundry list of minor aches;
  • Want to build your strength and tone your muscles;
  • Want to fit into your cute clothes again; and
  • Tired of the extra pounds you gained over pandemic life,

then get the expert guidance from our team of experienced personal trainers with workouts designed for you and your body.

Our live virtual workouts are convenient and easy to access Our team is in your corner guiding you LIVE in 45 minute full body strength and conditioning workouts for the right technique and to get the most out of each workout, this is not just another YouTube recorded workout. Not only will our team be there to motivate you and keep you accountable but also working out with a small group of people (4-10 people each workout) who have similar goals as you is so motivating! No 20 year old bodies in your way at the gym.

In my 15 years of experience as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Business Owner I have coached hundreds of women and men over 50 to feel their best. My coaching program works because I combine metabolism boosting fitness and nutritional support with the BEST support system so you have the energy you need to embrace each day!


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Fit for Life Thrive: Fitness training only

Already have your nutrition down pat? Clean eating with plenty of protein, veggies, and complex carbs? Looking for support in moving your body the right way? Our fitness program is the perfect fit for you. It includes:

  • Unlimited access to our LIVE Virtual Body Friendly Strength and Conditioning Workouts
  • Access to our Library of On-Demand Workouts
  • Join our private Facebook group for support, questions and celebrating your wins!
  • Access to Back Pocket Support Calls with Aubrey. Ask me all your questions! Check in on nutrition, lifestyle habits, or dive deeper into exercise form and technique.

Choose how you workout with us:

Fit for Life Soar: Level up your life with fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaching

  • Unlimited Access to our Body Friendly, Trainer-Led, 45-Minute Live Virtual Full Body Strength & Conditioning Workouts

Join me for my coaching program that will help you to level up your lifestyle! My program is different from anything else you have tried because it’s designed specifically for women and men in their 50’s and up - not for people in their 20’s. Your body has different needs and we can work through them. This program won’t leave you starving all the time or exhausted by your workouts, but invigorated! The full approach of fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and motivational coaching ensures your body is not losing muscle but losing fat leaving you toned, stronger, and with more energy. Let’s embrace the process and do this together and get you fit for life!

My background in physical therapy along with expertise from years of coaching women and men over 50 to build strength, muscle definition, and bone density ensures you get the right movements for your body that won’t aggravate your joints ensuring you can stay active for years to come!

  • Metabolism-Boosting Nutritional Support

Let’s debunk the myths you’ve learned about “dieting” and fuel your body with the right nutrients to boost your metabolism and give you the energy you need for your day. In your younger years you could have seen results quickly with a little extra cardio but your body needs a unique formula now to get rid of those stubborn pounds that don’t seem to budge from your midsection.

The #1 reason people don’t reach their health and fitness goals is a lack of motivation and inconsistency. Let me be in your corner as a resource and a guide to help you truly reach your goals! With the right guidance, information, and support you can be sure that if you follow the program step by step you will finally be able to get rid of those stubborn pounds and see more tone in your body, feel confident, and have the vitality you deserve! And when you’re struggling, I will be just a call away to answer all of your questions and get you on the right track! This package includes backpocket, help I’m struggling calls! Your private 911 to Aubrey to help you get unstuck

  • In your Corner Motivation



Fit for Life Ultimate: Fitness & Wellness

Are you struggling with more complex health and fitness issues? Would you prefer a more personalized approach to your fitness? Get started with our private personal training programs and receive (24) forty-five minute virtual personal training sessions tailored to ensure you reach your goals over the next 12 weeks.

Limited space available.



You want to build strength, tone your muscles, and feel good about your body again


You want to live a long, healthy, active and involved life. You want to feel your best and not be left behind on your bucket list trips.


You have some mild aches and pains that regular exercise will help to ease.

You want to lose a few stubborn pounds and you’d love to fit into your cute clothes or your dream dress for your daughter’s wedding.


This program is a great fit for you if:

This is not for you if:

  • You are an expert athlete. Our programs are best for beginners or intermediates.
  • You have a lot of complex health conditions going on. While our expert approach and my background in physical therapy ensures we can safely navigate you through aches and pains, if you have more complex health issues going on, reach out to us to talk about our private personal training programs.
  • You're under the age of 40. Our programs are for members in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, although we work with private personal training clients up through their 90’s. This program is not for 20 and 30 year olds.
  • If you don’t want to logon live with our expert coaches. Self-guided courses with coaching coming soon!

Still unsure if this is the right fit for you? Schedule a call with Aubrey to chat about your goals and find the best solution!


How do I login to the workouts?

A private zoom link will be shared, you will join LIVE as we have many workouts times each day including 7 am, 10 am, 11:15am, 2pm, and 6pm (EST). Join in with a small group of people with similar goals and ages for the workout. During the workout, you will only see our team leading you, not the other members. Our top notch personal trainers will give you feedback and watch your form and give you the right challenge for your body each workout.

Most people workout in the comfort of their home in a small space. Living room, guest room, hallway, or basement work just fine! You will need a couple of sets of weights, if possible, between 2-5# and between 5-10#, a resistance band, a sturdy chair to be used as a bench, and a mat for the floor if you prefer.

What equipment and space do I need?

Each workout is a full body strength and conditioning workout in just 45 minutes right from the comfort of your home! Every workout includes a full body dynamic warmup and gentle cool down stretches. We also offer 1 gentle stretching session per week. Most people attend 2-4 workouts a week

How long are the workouts?