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Hi, I'm Alison...

I spent much of my life struggling with my weight and body image. I spun my wheels doing endless cardio, going on diets and depriving myself, only to undo any results I got with a big old binge session. It wasn't until I began working with a coach that I slowly began making changes to my nutrition and exercise routine. Over time, I found an approach I could maintain, and my body leaned out and grew stronger. Loving those results I got for myself, I was inspired to help and share with others! Since that time, I became a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Functional Aging Specialist, and founded my company, Iron Maidens Fitness. I developed Body BREAKthrough based on my own personal experience and the clinical experience working with hundreds of women over the years. And I'm so excited to make this unique approach accessible to YOU!

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