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We've created the exact tool kit that you need to transform your mind, body, and spirit this summer.

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The time to get healthy, feel good, and be confident

in your skin is NOW!

With a proven plan to follow and a fierce, fabulous group of women who have your back your only choice is to succeed!

With our Summer Slimdown you will get massive accountability and the support you need to make positive changes and get INCREDIBLE RESULTS!

There is no           button when it comes to regaining your health, but...


You know you want to try

Our Summer Slimdown is about empowering you to take control of your health NOW…right where you are!

Here's What's Included

A beginning and end Inbody assessment for active LiveFIT members that reveals your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and more.

Virtual participants will weigh in at home and complete body measurements using a measuring tape we provide.

Your online weekly check in includes submitting your weight, inches (you will receive your own measuring tape), a weekly timed fitness test results, MyZone MEP challenge (optional), check-in questions and more.

Access to LiveFIT classes for members plus 2 new recorded workouts released each week.

Virtual participants will have access to our YouTube and Vimeo library of classes plus the 2 new recorded workouts released each week.

Be empowered to eat smarter with access to 10 various weekly meal plans with original, tested delicious recipes that include nutrition breakdown, beautiful photos, grocery lists, detailed prep guides and more to keep it SIMPLE! Choose from a Macro Plan, Low Carb Paleo Plan, Ketogenic Plan, Family Friendly Plan, Summer Detox Plan and more!


Receive daily emails and texts to keep you engaged and educated.

We keep you accountable by having you complete weekly tasks and challenges to earn Summer Slimdown Rewards that help you earn your tank/t-shirt and other LiveFIT swag that is only available through this challenge!

This is a place for us to post weekly earned badges, share accountability and inspiration. A huge part of our challenge is COMMUNITY!

May 7th! We will celebrate that evening with food, fellowship, prizes, a photo booth and FUN!!

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Member vs Virtual Participantion

Self weigh in and measurements at home. Submitted anytime from Thursday March 25- Sunday March 28



Price: $59

Price: $129

In Studio Workouts + 3 new recordings each week

Access to our YouTube and Vimeo library of classes + 3 new recorded workouts released each week.

Beginning assessments in studio with an Inbody scan anytime from Thursday March 25- Sunday March 28

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How to Participate

Grab your accountability TEAM!

You will form a team of a total of 2-4 and create a TEAM NAME!

Together you will commit to INDIVIDUALLY participate and submit your own weekly progress report!

Teams CAN consist of members and virtual participants combined.

What will I need a team for?


It is so much easier to stay accountable when you have someone else relying on you and cheering you on. Your team/partner will be there to cheer you on, to motivate you, to give you that extra push where and when you need it most!

Each team of 2-4 will submit a team name at registration.

How To Win

You and your partner have a chance to win a cash prize through a drawing at the finale party based on earning all of your Summer Slimdown Reward Points.

Individually you have a chance to win a cash prize through a drawing at the finale party based on the % of body weight lost (initial weigh-in to final weigh-in).

For the Summer Slimdown we are awarding points for the percentage of weight lost (ie. starting weight 220 lbs and ending weight of 200 lbs would be a 9% body weight loss.)

For every 1% lost, your name is entered into the individual cash prize, giving the above example 9 entries into the drawing.

The cash prize is to be determined based on the number of participants.

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Still Unsure?

Maybe this can help clear up some of your concerns....

Do I have to attend a certain number of LiveFIT classes each week as a member? No, but we encourage you to workout at our studio and even at home as much as possible. Movement is an important part of losing weight.

Do I have to have a MyZone strap to participate? You do not, however it’s an amazing tool to measuring intensity and workout accountability. MyZone is a chest strap heart rate monitor that records workout data anytime and anywhere!

We will offer a special price of $85 for anyone participating in the challenge who does not have a MyZone strap.

There will be a weekly MyZone MEP challenge that allows you a chance to earn an additional weekly prize.

Do I have to live near the studio to participate virtually? Absolutely not! We will send any resources and earned prizes to you so that you will be able to fully participate and be accountable. The only thing different as a virtual participate is that you do not take an InBody assessment and you do not attend live in-person LiveFIT classes. You will do your assessment at home (submitting photos of the scale) and workout on your own or at your gym. We will provide you with a library of virtual workouts including 2 all new weekly recorded workouts!

What if I don’t have anyone to team up with? We are happy to help you with that, however it’s always fun to team up with someone you know and will feel accountable to and inspired by!

Will there be a coach assigned to the teams? No coaches are assigned to a team. Some coaches may choose to participate but are not subject to win prizes. We just like to challenge ourselves as well!