My 6-Week Signature Group Nutrition Program for Women who Want to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Without Feeling Deprived.

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If you're like most women, at some point in your life you've wanted to lose weight.

Perhaps you feel like you've struggled with your weight all your life. Or maybe things shifted after having kids and you're just not as slim and strong as you once were. Maybe you've been turning to food and alcohol for comfort over the pandemic and it's taken a toll on your body.

And if I offered to wave a magic wand and make you thinner, you'd probably take me up on it. Am I right?

That's totally cool! It's OK to want to lose weight.

Wanting your clothes to fit, be healthy for your family, and love how you look in the mirror so you feel more vibrant and confident in your life doesn't make you vain or selfish.

But traditionally, the only way women know how to lose weight is by going on a diet.

Diet (v) : to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.

I don't know about you, but that definition makes me want to run for the hills. Food is pleasure. Food is comfort. Food is togetherness and tradition. I cannot and will not spend my life eating "special and small amounts of food." LOL.

Aside from that, we know that diets don't work. If you've been on more than one diet in your life, then you know this to be true.

But here are the reasons why:

Fact: The more you tell yourself you cannot have a food, the more you're going to want it.

Fact: You cannot restrict yourself and be in a calorie deficit very long before your metabolism slows, requiring you restrict even more for the same result.

Fact: The most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is not by replacing food with shakes and bars, but by eating a variety of different kinds of foods that you enjoy.

So if diets aren't the answer, what is?

Introducing The BodyBREAKthrough Method

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach with over 7 years experience helping women achieve their weight loss goals, I developed a clear picture of the big dial movers when it comes to nutrition and fat loss. Based on my clinical experience in helping hundreds of women lose over 1,000 pounds collectively, I created Body BREAKthrough - my signature 6-week group nutrition coaching program for women who want to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

The BodyBREAKthrough Method


uild Healthy Habits.

Research shows that the way to approach sustainable weight loss is to focus on building healthy habits one at a time. I'll help you build habits around the biggest dial movers: whole food nutrition, the right ratios of proteins, fats and carbs, water intake, exercise/movement, sleep and stress management.


educe Body Fat

I'll show you the exact portion sizes you need to eat for your weight loss goals, as well as my tried and true smart and mindful eating method which supports weight loss without feeling deprived or hungry all the time.


Lots of coaches like to tell you what to do without educating or explaining their reasoning. My goal is to educate you and build your confidence so that after our six weeks are over, you can make decisions that support your fat loss goals without second-guessing yourself.

mpower Yourself


ccelerate Your Metabolism

The main reason why women plateau is because they are so focused on restricting calories that their metabolism slows down. We don't let this happen in BodyBREAKthrough! I'll teach you the lifestyle hacks I use personally, as well as with my clients to maximize your metabolism so you're burning more calories all the time.


eep Your Results

You can have fast results and gain the weight back or you can have sustainable results that last. You cannot have both. I'll show you how to lose weight at a pace that's appropriate for you. And we'll make sure it stays off because you'll have strategies for enjoying the foods you love while you slim down. No deprivation here!

Using my BREAK framework, you'll slim down without feeling sluggish, hangry or uncertain of what to do. Here's what we'll accomplish in our 6 weeks together:

Instead of nighttime snacking and weekend overeating, you felt steadily nourished and satisfied throughout the day so that you're eating the same on the weekends as you do during the week?

You could easily stop eating when you were satisfied instead of overindulging on food like it's your last opportunity to eat it?

Instead of "eating your feelings" you mastered simple coping mechanisms to manage your stress and distract yourself from emotional eating.

You no longer have to rely on "willpower" but instead, you listen to your own biofeedback and use that to make food choices that feel easy and automatic.

Instead of blowing through your lunch so fast that you barely even remember it, you become a mindful eater and start feeling satisfied with less food?

Instead of feeling exhausted in the afternoons, you're able to keep your energy balanced with the right number of meals and snacks that work for you.

You were able to stay consistent with your movement routine so that it's a built-in habit instead of an option that always gets pushed.

Instead of being frustrated by your weight every day, your clothes feel looser, people start to notice your efforts, and you start to become confident in your skin?

What If...

You Can Actually Do This, And I'll Show You How With My 3-Phase Keystone Curriculum:

Phase 1 - Eat for Health

Phase 2 - Eat for Fat Loss

Phase 3 - Eat Well Consistently

  • In Phase One, we'll focus on establishing healthy habits:
  • Crafting your goals & understanding your "Why"
  • Why drinking water is critical to slimming down and practical tips for staying hydrated
  • How to eat more satisfying, nutrient-dense foods with fewer calories
  • Implementing portion sizes and macro ratios for your unique goals
  • Time-saving meal planning and prep strategies
  • In Phase Two you'll learn how to make tweaks to the habits you established in phase 1 to further support weight loss:
  • How to eat more mindfully so you can be satisfied with just the right amount of food
  • Practical mindset strategies to avoid overeating
  • Establishing a movement routine to support your calorie deficit
  • Simple boundary-setting techniques so that nothing gets in the way of your new healthy habits
  • Assess the timing of your meals and make any needed changes to keep you satisfied as you lose weight.
  • And in Phase 3, you'll learn strategies for keeping the momentum going:
  • Enjoying your new meal strategy and healthy lifestyle
  • Stress coping and distraction strategies so you can steer clear of emotional eating.
  • Adjusting your movement routine to rev up your metabolism
  • Healthy sleep habits to keep your hunger hormones balanced and reduce cravings

And Along The Way, You'll Get Tons Of:


I never want you to feel alone in the program, so I have several built-in support mechanisms to keep you connected and on track:

Weekly Group Zoom Coaching Sessions every Tuesday at 5:30pm EST. I'll be reinforcing the topic for the week and coaching you in real time to work through any issues and answer your questions. These sessions will also be recorded and shared with you if you have to miss for any reason.

You'll have access to our closed Facebook Group where you can connect with other women who are on the same journey as you, share resources & ideas and ask questions.

I will also give you an optional meal plan, recipe guide and shopping list so you are never without ideas on what to eat for your fat loss goals.

And I'll be available to you via email and DM for quickie questions so you don't have to wait until our next coaching call to get help.


Women tell me all the time that more than anything, they just need accountability - someone to hold them to their commitment.

You will absolutely get this in #BodyBREAKthrough.

Each week, you'll turn in your custom habit tracker to me so I can hold you accountable to your desired behaviors and keep you moving towards your weight loss goal.

And because we're limiting the number of participants, you won't be able to drop off without us noticing. If I start to see that, you know I'll be reeling you back in!

You also have the option of joining me and my coaches for live or on-demand full body workouts you can do at home. If you live in Norfolk, then you'll also be able to attend those in person. If you want this option, be sure to click the teal "Workout Package" button.

These are the kinds of results my clients get:

Kelly lost 10 lbs!

Prior to starting the starting PB3, I had was a huge snacker & carb loader and I was very inconsistent with my workouts. I was primarily focusing on running. Since the program, I have gained so much knowledge to make overall healthier eating choices, portion sizes, and how to add adequate protein to my meals. The recipe guide was super helpful and delicious. I have made many of the recipes multiple times!! Not only have I lost close to 10 lbs, I have way more energy and not nearly craving candy/sweets the was I was. Overall, I feel healthier & stronger in just 4 weeks. Alison is so positive and supportive every step of the way! I really enjoyed the program & workouts, excited to continue with Iron Maiden's.

Traci lost 12.5 lbs!

In her 6-week challenge with me, Traci lost a total of 12.5 pounds and 8.5 inches! Traci became leaner, stronger and more educated her on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Her successful journey prepared Traci for a healthy pregnancy with her baby girl!

Nicole lost 9 lbs!

"Alison has taken my fitness game up to the next level! As an avid runner, I struggle to cross-train and strength train effectively. Even with multiple gym memberships, I wasn't pushing myself and or holding myself accountable. Through Alison's encouraging nature and a small community of like-minded women, I ACTUALLY look forward to going to class at 5:30 a.m.! I am stronger, faster and more confident as I approach my 40's. I recommend this program to anyone - it is more than a class or routine, it is a supportive community!"

"So I joined Iron Maidens after seeing their FB ad after a "few" glasses of wine. I showed up to day 1 of the 21 day intro completely scared. After finding out these were all completely normal ladies, I embraced my 5:30 am workout as a new way of life. I have stuck with it since October. I have really enjoyed the schedule change bc no one makes it too much, everyone wants to be there and succeed. we all chose this and it's awesome. I appreciate Alison and her instructor's dedication to our goals. this has been the only thing that has stuck. It simply comes down to not seeing a reason to quit. I've lost 10 lbs, lots of inches and I feel amazing."

Courtney lost 10 lbs!

Linda lost 8 lbs!

"In January I joined a fantastic group of ladies in a Little Black Dress Challenge. I was unsure if I could do it at age 53. I have been very exhausted and completely out of shape. To my surprise, I jumped in fully and followed the recipes, exercised 3x a week and lost 8 lbs and 2 inches in my waist during the 28 day challenge. Loved it! I am feeling more confident, have more energy, wanting to do more things and am really making better choices in what I eat. Alison at Iron Maidens Fitness is a fantastic instructor, motivator, and is truly interested in helping you reach your goals. Even after the LBD Challenge I found myself wanting to continue and build muscle strength. New goal: to be able to play tennis with my husband or maybe he will teach me how to play golf."

More Testimonials:

What's Included:

$1,850 in value for just $249!

Six self-paced trainings delivered to you weekly through your exclusive member portal so you can go through the curriculum at a manageable pace, on your time. - $500 value

Weekly Zoom coaching calls to reinforce your training topics, answer any questions and make sure that you've got strategies to implement the BREAK framework in your life. I've found that clients have the best success when they get a lot of face time with me, so I want to make sure we have plenty of time together for coaching. - $600 value

Because this is a habit-based program, I'll provide you with my customizable habit tracker that you'll be editing as you go through the program. We'll go over this each week in our calls so that we can celebrate your wins, identify opportunities and adjust your focus areas as the program progresses. - $150 value

Private Facebook group where you'll interact with the other women, share recipes and ideas and celebrate wins with like-minded ladies on your same journey - $150 value

Meal plan, recipe manual and grocery shopping lists to take the guesswork out of your meal planning and save you time. I've found that clients are more successful when we combine hands-on coaching with a blueprint to help you stay on track with your meals - $200 value

If you're someone that needs a plan and extra accountability to stay consistent with your movement routine, the optional workout package will accelerate your results and surround you with positive, uplifting coaches and women so that you stay committed to your health goal. - $250 value

Hi, I'm Alison...

I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and functional aging specialist. And I'm on a mission to help women get the most out of their mid-life years, by making you strong and healthy - both physically and mentally.

A little over 10 years ago, I slowly began making changes in my diet. As I started to eat less processed stuff and more nutrient-dense whole foods, I realized how much more energy I could have and how healthy I could feel.

And as I addressed my own tendencies to overeat, especially out of stress, boredom or self-sabotage, I felt healthy, fit and truly happy from the inside out - for the first time in my life!

Respecting my physical body opened up the possibility to true happiness and fulfillment for me. Cheesy as it sounds, I learned to love myself, which allowed me to expand my love of life and the people in it.

My health journey did not just change my physical appearance - it changed my entire life. And that is why it’s my mission to help facilitate this same transformation for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve done programs like this before and they haven’t worked. How can I know I'll be successful?

A: I understand that signing up for a program is a big deal – especially if you’ve tried things in the past that haven’t worked. This is why I made sure we have several touch points during the challenge. In addition to your weekly self-paced training, we'll be together on Zoom each week where I'll reinforce the training, get feedback on your progress and coach you in real time. We'll also be connected as much as you need in the Facebook group and in DM's for quickie questions or troubleshooting. I don't take it lightly that you've trusted in me to be your guide and take my job and your results very seriously.

Q:I'd like to do this, but I'm worried I won't have the time.

A: I totally get being busy. Most of my clients (myself included) are busy moms with demanding careers. I put a high value on your time, which is why I created the BREAK method - so we stay on task, focusing only on the big dial movers. This will enable you to learn and implement quickly without a bunch of fluff. You can expect about 75 minutes each week for training, plus any additional time you may need for planning and prepping your meals - for most clients this isn't much, especially if you're already cooking.

Q: Does this require me to do a lot of cooking/prep?

A: That depends on what you want to get out of the program. I'm going to show you how to build your plate, but you have options in terms of how you do it. You can follow the meal plan, which requires some prep, but overall is very simple and comes with weekly grocery shopping lists to save you time. Some of my clients enjoy researching their own recipes or making their own creations, which is also a great strategy and helps you put into action what you're learning. And for my really busy clients, sometimes a meal service works best - I can help you figure that out if that's best for you.

Q: How much time do I need to commit to this?

A: Each week, you’ll have a 15 minute training, as well as a zoom coaching call which will last about an hour. If you’re doing most of your own cooking, then you’ll want to factor in time for that as well.

Q: I have more weight to lose than what I can accomplish in 6 weeks. Can I still do the program?

A: Yes. The methods that I teach you in this program are designed to be lifestyle changes that will continue to get you results after the program is over, as long as you keep them up. We’ll also stay connected and if it makes sense to continue to work together to get you to your goal, we will be able to chat about options.

Q: I can’t make the group calls. Will they be recorded?

A: Yes. Our group calls will be recorded each week and I’ll email the replay out to you. If you have specific questions, you’ll be able to send those to me prior to the call.

Q.I don’t have Facebook. Can I still participate?

A: Yes. You don’t need Facebook to get your weekly trainings or come to our zoom meetings. If you don’t have Facebook, you will miss out on any FB group posts from me or the other women, but you will still have access to the entire curriculum.

Q: If I'm not giving up my favorite foods, will I even see results?

A: This is a great question and largely dependent on the pace you're comfortable with. Most of my clients can expect to lose between 5 and 10 lbs in a 6-week program; however everyone is different. In this program, we’ll be layering on changes to your nutrition at a pace that you can maintain. This is more like a 10k race than a sprint ;)

Q: Is there a meal plan?

Yes. I have included a meal plan because I realize this is time saving and helpful for you so you can take the guess work out of your nutrition. But if you do the meal plan, I still need you doing your training, as this is where you’ll learn why the meal plan is set up that way. I want to make sure you’re not dependent on a meal plan in order to eat for your goals.

Q: I have a habit of starting something and not finishing it. What if I fall off?

This is a valid concern because you’re probably here because you tried things that haven’t worked in the past. Please know, it’s my personal mission to keep you on board and engaged during our six weeks together. This is why I have created multiple touch points in the program, such as the weekly zoom calls, trainings, your habit tracker, coaching in the DM's and the FB group. This is also the beauty of a group coaching program – everyone shows up not just for themselves or me, but for each other. All that aside, if you try to ghost me, I will come find you and reel you back in, lol!

Q: I’m not sure I can put the time into this right now. Will you be offering the program again?

I get that this is a busy time. I'm not saying this is your particular case, but I see this all the time where literally there is always a reason or excuse why now is not a good time. And the problem with this is that you're just continuing to put off that healthy and leaner version of you. There's never going to be a perfect time for something like this. My best advice is that if you have 75 minutes a week to put into this and are open and ready to try things a little differently, then take the plunge. I’m not sure when I’ll be running this program again, or if it will stay in this format and price point. Plus, the sooner you start implementing, the sooner you'll start seeing results.

Q: Does this program include workouts?

A: We’ll be focusing primarily on nutrition, but I will be addressing exercise and helping you create a movement routine that supports your goals. If you’d like to workout with me and my team in our virtual bootcamp up to six days a week, you can add this on to your program for just $99 (regularly $250) - just make sure you click on the teal workout bundle button.

Q: I'm already following a program - can I do this at the same time?

A: You can definitely layer this on top of a fitness program since most of this is around nutrition. If you're already doing a nutrition program, I would honestly evaluate if this is working for you and can you see yourself doing this forever. If the answer is no, then you are on a diet, and I would recommend bouncing from that program and doing this instead. If you have specific questions about your situation, I'd be happy to chat to make sure it a right fit for you. Email me at

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: I'm so confident that you will love BodyBREAKthrough that I am going to make it 100% risk free for you.If you complete your trainings and attend all of our Zoom calls and still feel like you didn't get your money's worth out of #BodyBREAKthrough, I will refund you 100% of your investment.

Don't Miss This Opportunity to Change Your Life

I love my body at any weight and size and I hope you do too!

That said, I think most women (myself included) have a realistic ideal image of the weight and size they'd like to be in order to move well, feel confident and stop obsessing over how they look in the mirror.

Unfortunately many women tend to wait until a specific event - be that a warning from your doctor, an "I can't fit into my jeans" moment, or a wedding or vacation where you want to look your best.

It's good to feel a sense of urgency for getting started, but I want you to feel much less urgency to get to your goal.

I want you to have enough runway to do weight loss correctly so that it truly sticks this time. I'll show you exactly how to do this in #BodyBREAKthrough! But the time is now!

I don't know when I'll be running this program again, and I'd hate for you to miss out on the program or have it fill up and lose your spot because it will literally change your life.

Are you ready, friend? Let's do this!

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