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Our Story

Our team & the community at Brighton Group Fitness & PT are here to help you achieve greater health & longevity, while having fun in the process!

If you've ever attempted diets, bootcamps or even been left scarred or intimidated by the traditional gym environment you're not alone.

This is something we often hear and one of the reasons we exist! We know it can destroy your confidence & self-belief in being able to achieve long-term sustainable results.

We want you to know it's possible to lead a happy & healthy life regardless of age, abilities & fitness levels. This is why we support you, to be able to tick all the boxes for health & longevity, through outdoor group classes, one-on-one training, workshops, retreats, accountability, challenges, resources, experiences and social events.

Find what suits your life, without having to give up the things you love. Yes... that means you can eat your chocolate and have that glass of wine!

Being a part of the BGFPT family, you'll get fit, make friends while building greater confidence and self belief as you achieve (LONG TERM) sustainable lifestyle & fitness results that can include losing your next 5kg or running your next 5km.

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Happy Clients

Margie P.

Great way to get fit in variety of locations including some great outdoor venues. Love the range of sessions and community energy . Best way to exercise I have come across with enthusiastic and friendly staff and members 👍😀

Brighton Local

Amazing community… dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate trainers who really care about each and every member … sun on your skin… wind in your hair … transforming your life … becoming a better version of yourself … what more could you ask for !!!!

Sheidow Park Local

Jodee P.

Karen K.

Brighton Local

I have been training with BGF for over 5 years. Love being able to exercise outdoors with a lovely group of people. Great Coaches inspire and assist you to reach your goals. 🤩🤩🤩

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6-Ways To Hit Your Goals!

You get to choose from these...

Private Training

Transformation Coaching

Group Training

If you're apprehensive about the idea of starting with a group you don't know, then why not start with some one-on-one PT for that extra special attention.

Not everyone is the same - whatever you need, we've got you covered.

We can come to you too with our famous mobile Personal Training service.

Our range of classes are suitable for all abilities & fitness levels. So whether you're starting your health & fitness journey, had a break and are coming back or looking for a different community to train together with, you can be confident to join in. Our team can modify or provide alternative exercises to accommodate for any fitness levels, niggles or injuries as required.

Do bigger groups intimidate you yet you still enjoy exercising with others?

Take your fitness to the next level and accelerate your progress by booking a semi-private training session.

With personalised classes consisting of only 3-6 people, you’ll be getting all the attention you need to get over any plateau you may currently be facing.

Semi Private

Nutrition & Accountability

Our group accountability program can be done with or without attending any classes as it is not exercise based. This pure accountability program is based on guiding and helping each participant to set personalised goals, break them down into weekly actions to keep you accountable to do what you say you're going to do and get closer to your goals, which may not mean they are fitness goals.

Get Fit, Make Friends & be part of a Community

We are a fun, social community who are like one big family. Supporting & challenging each other to stay accountable to our goals & growth. We help build confidence and self-belief by creating the best lifestyle & fitness experience possible.

Often, it’s what you do OUTSIDE the workouts that counts the most when realising a lifestyle change or body composition goal.

Over the years we've learned that diet and exercise are just scratching the surface when it comes to getting breakthrough results for the rest of your life.

That's why we've invested in furthering our own learning in a number coaching techniques, to better offer you the most value & best lasting results.

It's not about cutting out all the foods you love, we help you create your ideal lifestyle.


Brighton, Seacliff & Surrounds

South Australia



Phone No: 0400033302

Brighton Group Fitness & PT

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