Maintain NOT Gain During the Holidays!

We Start December 1st!

ALL for Only $97!

Time is running out...

  • - Get stronger - we'll do quick 5 - 15 minutes full body
    workouts that everyone can do!

  • - Move more - walk, jog, run at least 1-mile per day.
  • - Eat healthier - learn how to make healthier choices every day and even as you partake in Holiday parties.
  • - Lose weight - you'll move more, eat healthier, hydrate, learn to destress and sleep better. All ingredients to lose weight!
  • ...and much much more!

Want to successfully celebrate the holidays without gaining weight?

Join & Reach These GOALS BEFORE 2023...

ALL for Only $97

Psssst...that is less than $3 per day...or a Latte at Starbucks!

Join my December program and increase your chances of maintaining (or losing weight) before entering into 2023! Research shows having an accountability partner will increase your likely hood to reach your health and fitness goals with 95 Percent!

Yep, 95 Percent - I take that success rate any day. How about you?

"Maria is so encouraging and detailed in her approach to coaching! Small tasks, such as 5 minute body weight exercises, and looking at my daily sugar intake, made me realize that just doing a little bit every day makes a huge difference in how I feel and look! Thank you Maria!"- Orla

What People Are Saying...

"I didn’t just maintain - I lost 5 lbs! Being accountable to Maria and the group, knowing that I might motivate others to get out and walk kept me focused. I loved being part of a group of women with similar goals and Maria’s engagement and commitment to our success was what got me through December like never before. I can simply say - this program was a game changer for me!" - Jenny

“Last year at this time, I was not in a good place. I needed more routine and to prioritize my own health and fitness. Maria’s “Maintain Not Gain” was exactly what I needed. After only a week or so, it was already easier to go out for my 1-mile run, and eventually I found myself doing the strength training circuits and getting stronger. The support and accountability from Maria and the other participants got me to do more than I would without. I maintained my weight through the holidays and I ended up sleeping a lot better (stress relief…hello!). It helped me build a foundation for health and fitness…and I’m continuing to build on these new found habits. Can’t wait to do this again this year!” - Marit

Join NOW for Only $97

Psssst...that is less than $3 per day...or a Latte at Starbucks!

I’m a Health and Fitness Coach who thrive on inspiring, educating, and bonding with my clients to create long lasting healthier behaviors!

This is the 3rd year I'm running this "Maintain Not Gain" December challenge, and it's been a success for the last few years...and I know it'll be another year of success for all of you who join me!

Having an (or many, in this case) accountability partner will increase your likelyhood of staying true to your health and fitness with 95 Percent. Yep, 95... I take that success rate any day. How about you?

Hey There, I'm Maria!

Maria Amren, IOinsights - Health & Fitness

Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

M.S., I/O Psychology...and more ;)

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