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NOW is the time to begin living a healthier, happier life, and I want to share our integrative approach!



The Rooted Health Metabolic Reset Program is designed for busy people who “have tried it all” and are ready to permanently lose excess weight, gain youthful energy, take back control over their health and live their best life. HAVE MORE QUESTIONS?


Does This Sound Familiar?

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you are having trouble focusing. Like clockwork, you begin feeling unmotivated, irritable, and need a quick “pick me up.”

No matter what you do; you’re not losing weight. Instead, the pounds and inches continue to creep up.

Your physician reports that your labs are normal, so why are you feeling so bad?

Intuitively, you feel out of balance, and your hormones are a mess. But where do you begin?

You feel “tired and wired.” You’ve been exhausted all day, but now it’s bedtime, and you can’t sleep.

You’re in pain much of the time. You’ve been told it’s part of a “normal” part of aging.

You’re overwhelmed by the “gurus” in the media, on the Internet, and in your e-mail Inbox. Everyone seems to have the magic “pill” or device that is the answer to weight gain, sleeplessness, and pain.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, you are going to LOVE our proven program that you will easily incorporate into your daily life from The Rooted Health Metabolic Reset Program!

To My Fellow
Seekers of Health

My name is Jennifer Jenkins, and I have spent over 25 years as a Registered Nurse who has been committed to helping my patients and clients get well.

Like you, I went through a decade of my life when I was constantly tired, and I knew something was wrong. I was surrounded by wonderful physicians, but standard medicine and pharmaceuticals weren’t helping me.

I have spent the past twelve years of my life seeking a proven framework that would promote life-long wellness so that my clients could live the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling life. I am now living my best life.

I have witnessed (first-hand) our bodies innate ability to heal itself without buying into the latest diet fads.

I created The Rooted Health Metabolic Reset Program to give my clients a proven framework, that includes not only health coaching but a complete step-by-step to guide along with recipes to ensure they succeed and set the course for a healthy, happy life.

With this program, I've helped my clients lose weight, increase energy, improve sleep, take back control over their health, and rediscover how it feels to live a vibrant, healthy life.

I look forward to partnering with you and guiding you to feel like the best version of you: a healthy, happy you.

Yours in Health,

Jennifer Jenkins, RN, CHC, FNS, RYT

Imagine How You Would Feel if…

You lost 20+ pounds in just six (6) weeks

You felt better now, than you did in your 20s

You were able to play with your kids, grandkids, or nieces/nephews without worrying about aches and pains

You peacefully slept through the night and awoke feeling calm, well rested, and ready to take on the day

You found inner peace and calm even in the most challenging situations

You understood your emotional patterns and could avoid triggers instead of overreacting

You see your reflection as you walk down the hall and think, “Heck, yes! I look good!”

Your balanced hormones helped you say goodbye to that stubborn belly fat permanently

You walked up the stairs or ran a 5K without wincing from knee or back pain

You no longer are constipated, bloated or sluggish


Introducing the Rooted Health Metabolic Reset Program:

Our comprehensive group program is so much more than weight loss! Our clients achieve amazing results, because our proven process addresses the total person: body, mind, and spirit.

The Rooted Health Metabolic Reset Program is a weight-optimization and lifestyle program to help you with weight loss and many of the inflammatory issues that have made it impossible for you to lose weight.

The metabolic reset is a 12-week program in which people lose an average of 20 – 30 pounds safely, rapidly, and permanently.

Our comprehensive program addresses factors that other programs miss. We focus on what other programs miss such as sleep, digestion, stress, toxins, and other lifestyle issues that have prevented your weight loss in the past.

Your results are sustainable, because we guide you toward becoming more self-aware so that you make better long-term choices for your health. We coach you on everything from the importance of eating whole foods to how to prepare them.

Here Is What A Few Recent Clients Had To Say About Working With Rooted Holistic Health Coaching

"This is my journey with Jennifer and healthy eating. I was overweight, sluggish and absolutely no energy. I was just sick and tired. I got Jennifer 's number and called immediately. And as I have told her before, she has saved my life. This journey was not overwhelming because we did this one step at a time. Each week we would eliminate a unhealthy choice and add a healthy one. Jennifer actually got me exercising and off sugar which I do not miss. I have had a few setbacks but not once was I belittled or judged. Only affromation that I put that behind and move forward. As to date, I have lost 25 pounds. But that doesn't compare to how I feel. If you are struggling with weight or not feeling good, I strongly suggest calling Jennifer. Thank you Jennifer"

Linda, 75 years young

"7 months ago I would have never thought I’d be where I am today without my Health Coach Jen. Before meeting Jen I had issues controlling over eating, eating too many sweets and not really understanding the importance of a Balanced meal. As a tennis player starting to go on tour now, none of this would have happened without her! Jen’s compassion towards my goals made me feel supported at all times and this allowed me to keep going Everyday. My entire tennis game was slowed down weighing 30 pounds heavier - and as of right now I’m in the best shape of my life, I’ve stuck to my meal plans and have a better understanding of food and my own body. I feel empowered and confident and Excited to start my new tennis journey since being put on the right track. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but Jennifer Jenkins, the process can take time but in the end it’s worth it to finally see your dreams come right into place."

Anna M


"I just want to share a quick note. I was looking for someone to guide me with my eating and muscle building. At age 61 I felt like I was losing my muscles. My son-in-law recommended Jennifer Jenkins at Rooted Holistic Health Coaching. I gave her a call and spoke with her for a long while. Her guidance and positivity motivated me so much! I am very grateful for our connection. She explained so much to me, I followed everything she explained and now I can happily say my muscles are growing and my fat is dropping. If you are looking for a health coach, Jen Jenkins is very helpful and motivating! I can tell she loves helping everyone. I am so thankful I got to meet her! "

Our Blueprint Program is based on a proven approach that addresses the Mind, Body, and Spirit




Neurological Harmony

One of the secrets of health and personal mastery is reclaiming your nervous system. When you are in control of your nervous system, you are literally in control of all your organs, cells, and biochemical processes. We teach you how to monitor and take control of your nervous system so that it doesn’t trigger unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors.

Hormone Reset

We've developed proprietary drops that help to rebalance and reset your hormones. It resets the main pathway which governs your hormones. The drops improve your metabolism, your energy, and reduces cravings, leading to easier weight loss.


Functional Movement

We are all so blessed to have an amazing articulating body to express ourselves with. Joyful movement is something that you look forward to every day that brings a smile to your face and unites you with both the present moment and your body. Because you feel better, you want to move more. The Rooted Metabolic Reset Program includes movement that is natural and more healing as opposed to movement that is intense, stressful and time-consuming.


Self Awareness

When in doubt, love is always the answer. Your journey to your best self begins with loving yourself enough to want to live your best life. We help you leverage the power of love with a tool called HeartMath, which helps you become more resilient to stress, more self-aware in your body and mind and prevent the thought patterns and behaviors that have been self-defeating.


Narrower Eating Window

When it comes to nutrition, one of the most powerful changes you can make is to eat less often and make healthier food choices. Eating at the right times and focusing on the quality of what you eat will stabilize your appetite. You will have fewer cravings, and allow your digestive, immune, and detoxification systems to rest and heal. Combined with an anti-inflammatory, whole-food diet, your metabolism and energy levels improve, and your hormones become balanced.


Coaching with a Community of Support

Not only will you receive ongoing coaching, but we provide a private Facebook group, where you will join a community of health-minded people on the same journey to help support you along the way. You will not feel alone on this journey. We will be cheering you on every step of the way!


Rest and Recovery

The most effective healing strategy is the exact opposite of what most people do: REST! When we rest, we tap into our body’s healing abilities and create a profound shift in the hormones we produce. This program addresses the root causes of sleep deprivation by digging deeper into ways you can naturally improve your sleep. When you begin sleeping better, your focus and energy levels naturally improve.

Safe, rapid and permanent weight loss

Look better and feel better

Vibrant energy

Deep, restful sleep

Lighter mood

Greater mental clarity

More confidence

Better digestion and bowel regularity

Lower stress levels

Greater mobility with less pain

Balanced blood sugar and lower blood pressure

Lowered cholesterol

Better-fitting clothes

Inner and outer beauty

Greater self-love and self-care

What Can You Expect From The Rooted Metabolic Reset Program?

Rooted in our proven approach, our comprehensive program addresses the Body, Mind, and Spirit.


The Rooted Health Metabolic Reset
Program Includes

Ongoing coaching and group support to answer any questions to best support you throughout the program

Metabolic Drops to balance your body and help reset your metabolism

Live Coaching and Q&A Calls with your Certified Health Coach, Jennifer Jenkins

Direct Messenger access to easily stay in touch. You will be able to contact your coach whenever you have questions or concerns. We have established a private portal to help you feel supported and keep you accountable.

12 Weeks of life-changing and actionable health steps: We provide the information and coaching to transform your life and help you lose weight. In-depth instruction focuses on how to improve your sleep, improve your digestion, handle stress, joyful movement, and many more topics. Our comprehensive program addresses the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

The Rooted Health Metabolic Reset Instruction Manual and Journal: We have created step-by-step instructions on how to implement the program along with easy, delicious, and nutritious recipes, and an accountability journal.

Lifetime access to the online program and the Facebook Group – your lifetime journey to becoming the best you do not stop after ten weeks. We strongly encourage you to continue with the weekly Q&A sessions and stay in the Facebook group. You will feel compelled to help others, as our community supported you.


What Can You Expect to Lose?

What Will You Receive?

On average 20 pounds of excess weight

Low-energy levels

Poor sleep

Cravings and emotional eating

Pain and inflammation

Hormonal imbalances

Tasteless, diet food

Mood swings

Low self-esteem and low self-confidence

Brain fog

Sluggish metabolism

Starvation diets that don’t sustain your weight loss


Live Weekly Coaching and Q&A call & access to replay

Direct Messenger access for support and better compliance

11 Weeks of life-changing and actionable health steps (Week 11 is for evaluation, reflection, and transition to maintenance).

The Rooted Health Metabolic Reset Instruction Manual, Recipe Guide, and Journal

Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Community

Unlimited Text and email support

Join Us on the Journey of a Lifetime: a Journey to Living Your Best Life



Get an amazing value for 12 weeks of personalized coaching and support!

Free yourself from the stubborn weight.

Greatly improve your quality and enjoyment of life.

Reach a level of health and confidence you didn't think was possible!

Myth #1

We hear this from so many who feel they've done everything they can to get better. However, they have never tried a proven, comprehensive program that incorporates mind, body, and spirit healing.

All of us have the same number of hours in a day. When health problems go untreated, it takes more time to heal. The Rooted Metabolic Reset Program was created to accommodate busy lifestyles with features like Direct Messenger.

Myth #2

Myth #3


I’ve tried “everything.”

I don’t have time.

I can figure this out on my own.

We live in the era of information overload, yet the most valuable information you need is the knowledge of what's going on inside your body. We provide you with expert insight into your health challenges and provide ongoing coaching with tips that you can immediately start implementing to overcome your health challenges!

A Final Word from Coach Jennifer

The Rooted Metabolic Reset Program is a whole-body, comprehensive, integrative, and holistic proven approach to help you begin living your best life.

From it, you will learn the lifestyle strategies and build the skills that you need to live your life with confidence, clarity, excitement, and a sense of control to manage your mind, body, and spirit.

This is an investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life - and YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I look forward to coaching you and watching the best version of you emerge!